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Introducing Jasmine, MoveForward Fitness's Newest Instructor!

Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Jasmin has been teaching fitness classes in-person at GoodLife Fitness for over 12 years. Since the start of the pandemic, she began teaching virtual Spin classes, and most recently, has joined MoveForward Fitness to teach more virtual classes.  Jasmin’s favourite classes to teach are high intensity cardio workouts and strength training. She has trained in and taught Les Mills’ BodyAttack (a high impact athletic training cardio class), and now loves making people sweat in her Ride (Spin) classes while doing Tabata training on her own. Jasmin also completed the Les Mills BodyPump training and the CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) Training,teaching her BodyPump and targeted “Abs” classes at GoodLife.  Jasmin’s applies a “work hard, play...

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Being A Ninja IN PERSON!

On Saturday, August 28th, MoveForward Fitness held its first ever in-person event of the year. Ninja in the Park! celebrated the fact that less COVID-19 restrictions meant more opportunities to not only train outside safely, but to do so with more than one person at a time! It was evident how excited each MoveForward staff member (Brittany and Tom’s Miss Sophie included) was to welcome all the in-person participants of the day into Ken Steele Park and to connect with each one before the start of the workout at 10AM (EST).  For the first 45 minutes of the session, Trainer Tom separated the group into two lines, one on each  side. Each team member had their own hula hoops to...

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We Were Heroes (Just For One Day)!

Written by: Celina Sell What do you get when Superman (AKA strength and conditioning instructor Dave) and Wonder Woman (AKA yoga instructor Danielle) make an appearance on MoveForward Fitness’s Family Fun Day? A fun, imaginative and energizing workout the WHOLE family can get involved in! Read further to see what both kids AND parents learned when they trained to get their superpowers! In the first half of the kids’ workout session, Superman showed our heroes-in-training how to harness the power of flight and what to do when fighting a villain. Superman was able to teach them two big lessons about flying--a) building the strength in your leg muscles will give you higher jumps from the ground; and b) having a...

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