"How To Love" Series: The Expanded Edition

By: Danielle Kerr

Our five-week How to Love Series has now come to an end, and WOW, what an inspiring month it’s been!  

Some of you have shared so eloquently the big shifts you experienced as we started to pull back the layers, shedding light on the true nature of love:

“Love is not owning another; it is allowing freedom, and in that freedom, you give the choice to return.”

“I’ve been able to get more in touch with love once I started caring for my inner child.”

“Love grows as you start accepting the difficult emotions and loving the anger and hate as well!” 

 This is just the beginning.   

It takes more than five weeks to experience the true nature of love, so if you’ve felt that you only just started to scrape the surface, you’re right. We’ve laid the foundation and now it’s time for the real work to start.  

The How to Love series has now been expanded to include three more parts!   

Part 2 - Cleaning Away the Clutter  

Throughout the month of March we’ll start our spring cleaning. We’ll clear our minds of old stories, our bodies of unneeded pains, and declutter our physical space to make the path to experiencing love easier.

Part 3 - Journey Towards Love and Balance

This is the Big One! Together we’ll embark on a seven month Journey Towards Love and Balance--one chakra at a time. Each chakra holds its own significance and acts like a gate. Each month we will explore a new chakra, opening each gate so we can continue on our journey. 

Part 4 - Integration

This is where we take our yoga off the mat and into the real world.  You’ll have regained a lot of your own power and ability to experience love throughout each part of this series. In Part 4 we will work to integrate your new connection with love into your waking life.  

The live series is starting straight away and, while each class is structured so that you can join in at any point along the way, I highly recommend that you check out our recordings of any classes you may have missed to get the most out of this series. 

I’m really looking forward to bringing you this new love creation in 2022! ❤️

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