Instructor Danielle Introduces A New Series And A New Class!

"How to Love" Series!
During this yoga series, you will make a deeper connection with yourself, which will help make deeper connections with others. When it comes to love, it can be a scary and amazing thing. We are going to start slow and build the love you have for yourself as we move through the series. We will connect our breath with the movement in our bodies as we activate our muscles to develop a deep relationship with ourselves. When we have love in our hearts, we move through the world in a more compassionate way, which causes a ripple effect to others. Show people "How to Love" by loving yourself first. It’s only a 5 week series- why not commit to something that will make your life more enjoyable ❤️?
"Tri-Doshic Yoga" Renamed to "Breathe & Squeeze Yoga"!
You will explore your body in a new way during this yoga class. We will focus on the activation of certain muscles each class. When we activate the muscles in a different or longer way, and we connect our breath with the activation; we open the doors for a whole new power. A new awareness of ourselves. You do not want to miss this class!

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