Introducing Jasmine, MoveForward Fitness's Newest Instructor!

Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Jasmin has been teaching fitness classes in-person at GoodLife Fitness for over 12 years. Since the start of the pandemic, she began teaching virtual Spin classes, and most recently, has joined MoveForward Fitness to teach more virtual classes. 

Jasmin’s favourite classes to teach are high intensity cardio workouts and strength training. She has trained in and taught Les Mills’ BodyAttack (a high impact athletic training cardio class), and now loves making people sweat in her Ride (Spin) classes while doing Tabata training on her own. Jasmin also completed the Les Mills BodyPump training and the CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) Training,teaching her BodyPump and targeted “Abs” classes at GoodLife. 

Jasmin’s applies a “work hard, play hard” fitness philosophy--she believes having fun and smiling while exercising motivates us to work harder more often, and can help us get more out of our workouts from both physical and mental health perspectives. Jasmin loves to coach her class participants on technique and how to perform exercises safely and effectively. She always aims to help them push themselves beyond their comfort zones. 

Jasmin loves the opportunity to be part of people’s fitness journeys, whether they are just starting out and learning the basics, or are gym class “hard-cores”. She’s looking forward to sweating with you in her upcoming Friday Strength Training classes.

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