We Embraced The Fresh Air On Our Winter Walk!

By: Celina Sell

Saturday, March 12th was the day many MoveForward Fitness community members and staff finally saw each other in-person since the last lockdown in Ontario (late December!). For some members, it was even their first time meeting other community members and staff since the pandemic had started! It would be an understatement to say that everyone who made it out was excited to be outside on a chilly but sunny winter day walking along the Rideau Canal. With fresh snowfall from the night before blanketing parts of the Canal, our group went along an especially scenic route that started and ended at Dows Lake Pavilion, one of Ottawa’s most iconic spots year round!

We walked at a comfortable pace, maintaining great conversations while still getting our muscles moving and breathing in fresh air. There were several spots we passed by on our route, including the Carleton University intersection on the Canal, the Bronson Avenue Bridge, and the pathway leading to the park behind TD Place at Lansdowne. It was at the Lansdowne/TD Place point that one of MoveForward staff members leading the group announced everyone could turn around, and make our way back towards Dows Lake; Kevin, one of our community members, took the initiative to continue past this point to keep enjoying the beautiful weather while on his way home! By the time we returned to our start point, any passerby on bike or foot could see each person in our group with a big smile, rosy cheeks, and excitement at the prospect of more group events.

We would like to thank all our members who were able to make it out for our Winter Walk that day, and for being champs with cold wind blowing in our faces as we returned to the Dows Lake Pavilion! 

We will be announcing upcoming group events in the near future, so keep your eye on our Facebook community group and our monthly newsletter!

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