We Were Heroes (Just For One Day)!

Written by: Celina Sell

What do you get when Superman (AKA strength and conditioning instructor Dave) and Wonder Woman (AKA yoga instructor Danielle) make an appearance on MoveForward Fitness’s Family Fun Day? A fun, imaginative and energizing workout the WHOLE family can get involved in! Read further to see what both kids AND parents learned when they trained to get their superpowers!

In the first half of the kids’ workout session, Superman showed our heroes-in-training how to harness the power of flight and what to do when fighting a villain. Superman was able to teach them two big lessons about flying--a) building the strength in your leg muscles will give you higher jumps from the ground; and b) having a strong upper body will not only maintain your form and height while flying through the air, but it also keeps you balanced while fending off villains from above! However, it didn’t take long for our heroes-in-training to come across a BIG crew of bad guys after landing back onto the ground; what were they to do?! To fight back, of course! Superman’s quick teaching of combat skills--powerful punches, KAPOW!-worthy kicks, and strong stances as the main components--helped our crime fighters gain the confidence to show those no-good bad guys who were the REAL BOSSES.

We then had Wonder Woman teach the group how to bring out their other elemental superpowers during the second half of the workout. Everyone in the room manifested their earth-bound power of super strength through the Crescent Lunge and the Warrior Pose, and there was no mistaking the level of artistry when they learned how to control water around their bodies with the Cactus Pose and Wide-Legged Child’s Pose. Wonder Woman made sure to highlight the benefit of breathing for every superpower, and it was especially important when our heroes-in-training breathed FIRE while doing the Lion’s Breath Pose. The last super power to complete the spectrum (and the workout) was teleportation with the element of aether. Many of our young heroes-in-training closed their eyes to focus their teleportation powers on travelling to their favorite places, and shortly after, managed to appear on the other side of the room in the BLINK OF AN EYE! Of course, our adult participants were able to enjoy similar superhero-themed workouts during our regularly scheduled Sunday classes, FUNctional Conditioning with Dave and Stretch & Breathe with Danielle! 

We want to thank everyone who attended our Family Fun Day throughout the day, and we are happy to announce that because of the amazing training, all of our heroes-in-training (kids AND adults alike) graduated to the same Superhero status as Superman and Wonder Woman!

Missed the event? Watch our video to gain your own superpowers!

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