Book [Club] Report - Girl Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis

Written by: Brittany Lyonette

My Biggest Takeaway:
You don’t have to agree with everything in a book for it to be useful and worth reading.  

I’ve found this held true when doing all my pre-baby reading.  I decided early on to take what I felt was helpful and that aligned with my parenting values, and leave what didn’t feel right.  I took the same approach while reading this book.  I did enjoy the book and felt there were many valuable lessons to be learned through Hollis’ experiences and advice. However, it’s important to note that she is not an expert in every subject she gives advice on...

Most notably Hollis gives some blanket statement advice when talking about weight loss. Fewer calories in, more calories out and *Poof!* *Magic!* Hello, weight loss!  While being in a calorie deficit is key to any weight loss journey, anyone who has ever tried to lose, or simply not gain any additional weight, will very adamantly tell you that there is so much more to it than just counting calories.  

With that aside, if we take a look at Hollis’ ability to examine and unpacks the self limiting beliefs we’ll find that what she has to offer is extremely rare and valuable: perspective.  

I’m a big fan of people calling themselves out on their own BS!  As a new mom, trying to build [multiple] businesses constantly trying to better myself, keep my home clean, and nurture the sweetest little baby girl in the world, this is important to remind myself of.  And, oh if it isn’t ego crushing!  I have so many excuses when something isn’t going as planned, and usually, in my mind at least, someone else is to blame (sorry, Tom). Time to call BS on myself, and at the same time accept that I am doing an amazing job!  

Hollis’ sections off each “big lie” into its own chapter, provides you with her own real-life experiences, calls out her own BS, and slaps you with some tough love to help you do the same for yourself.  With all that said and done, I can honestly say I enjoyed the book and would recommend reading it… with a few grain of salt in hand, of course.

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