Written by: Dave Trough

The main reason why people will purchase personal training sessions is to have accountability. This was one of the first and best lessons I’ve learned in over a decade of training experience. As much as we have needs and goals to achieve, it can be hard to facilitate those goals into action. Here enters personal training.  

Your personal trainer will hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. It can be hard to get yourself out of bed, pack up the gym bag, drive to the gym, workout for an hour, shower, drive to work. Now to do this on a daily basis 3-5 days per week, forever.... Motivation is definitely needed, but having an appointment helps a lot in your success.

First, you’re going to show up. You’ve paid for this—of course you’re going to show up. No matter what, the person who has set appointments every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will achieve a drastically better result than the person who is waiting for “divine intervention” to bestow motivation upon them. Just knowing you’ve committed to your health by hiring a professional is a major step towards accountability, as well as a huge motivating factor. 

Next, you’ll need to be held accountable to your form. Shoulders back…  Chest up…  Brace the core... It’s hard to keep yourself accountable to all of these things at once, especially if you’re first learning about a new exercise or movement pattern. Working with a trainer will help keep you accountable to your movement and posture, which are both essential to achieving optimal results. 

You need to be held accountable to a plan. Fitness is a constant progression. There isn’t a single perfect workout that will help you achieve optimal fitness and continued results. You need to constantly progress your movement choice, intensity, volume, tempo etc. A good personal trainer will hold you accountable to a complete fitness program. 

Having someone hold you accountable to a plan will not only lead you to long-term and ongoing success, you will continue your journey towards correcting your imbalances and improving your strength, posture and mobility. A personal trainer is holding you accountable to staying on the program, answering your questions, improving lifestyle factors and leading you towards your goals.

I hold my clients accountable as much as they want to be by offering 24/7 texting support, personalized programs designed around their needs and goals, nutrition education, extra mobility work, and several other options. The more the client is interested, the more I do to help them. Fitness is not a linear journey, but having a trainer helps it travel on a straighter path. The journey starts with accountability. As much as I hold my clients accountable to themselves, I hold myself accountable to them by ensuring safe, efficient and effective workouts. 

If you need help with motivation, guidance or accountability, reach out to me. I would be happy to discuss strategies you could implement that would lead to better health, fitness and quality of life.

Dave Trough is a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist, CrossFit Trainer, Small Group Training Specialist, and a Personal Trainer with a Human Kinetics degree. Dave cares about helping his clients reach their goals during their fitness journeys, including but not limited to: muscle gain; weight loss; increasing energy levels; making healthier lifestyle choices; and physical rehabilitation.

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