Bringing Earth Day Into Our Homes

Written by: Celina Sell

If you’re close to your window as you read this, take a moment to observe the scene outside: the snow has melted almost completely in most areas; the flowers and trees are starting to wake up again with the warmer weather; and that bright sunlight is streaming through to lift everyone’s spirits during these hard times. By acknowledging the power and beauty of nature in our daily lives, it can bring a sense of responsibility to protect the Earth’s natural state as best as possible for future generations. 

MoveForward Fitness plans to help bring that awareness through its partnership with Earth Day Canada on Saturday, April 24th. Tom Lyonette and Andrea Price will be the leading instructors of a by-donation class at 10AM EST that day, with 100% of the donations going towards the organization's tree-planting campaign in Quebec called Tomorrow’s Forest. Both instructors will focus on a Earth Day- and spring-inspired theme throughout the 90-minute session -- Tom will get our participants’ hearts pumping with a full-body workout, while Andrea will initiate a root-chakra yoga session to ground the mind, body and soul. 

We are proud to partner with this incredibly compassionate organization for our Earth Day workshop. Just like MoveForward Fitness, it focuses on making personal connections with its participants to make a big impact within the communities across Canada.  And, like many of us, Earth Day Canada faced its own set of struggles when the pandemic was announced. One of the major setbacks was cancelling their in-person activities -- including their previously confirmed clean-up events -- immediately across Quebec until other options were explored after the height of the lockdown. They were forced to change their usual hands-on approach in order to continue operating their environmental protection and conservation efforts. 

Yet what started out as a major limitation actually became a much bigger window of opportunity for Earth Day Canada to extend its reach outside of its homebase in Montreal, Quebec. By going online, it became imperative to add more remote teams across Canada so even more people could learn how they could play a part in making their local municipality environmentally conscious. This also allowed the charity to start offering their webinars and virtual events in either English and/or French, making the organization fully bilingual and therefore accessible for every interested participant. These pivot points for the past year have indeed helped the Earth Day Canada team truly celebrate the accomplishments they’ve made.

The organization will be releasing more details about upcoming initiatives and partnerships for 2021 on April 7th through their website, gearing up for its biggest New Years-like celebration of Earth on April 22nd. They will start their event with an official announcement of Canadian cities that pledged to plant 50 new trees within 2021, then will be presenting several free webinars across the country throughout the entire day. Kathy Jones of 60 Seconds will also be there with other French and Englishers interviewers to talk to various virtual Earth Day hosts in English. The last of the festivities -- and one of the biggest for the night -- has Canadian singer/actor Tom Jackson guiding attendees in “Heal the Earth,” a virtual musical journey across Canada to talk more about the significance of Earth Day. 

Earth Day Canada truly embodies the adage of “leave the world better than you found it” by making it their mission to celebrate Earth Day everyday and every way possible even in difficult times. It is especially encouraging when the Canadian organization also invests its resources into special initiatives that teach children how to respect the environment and protect it from future harm. With such integrity and forward thinking, MoreForward Fitness and Earth Day Canada are more than excited to show their enthusiasm for a greener, better Earth on Earth Day and during the partnered class event on Saturday, April 24th!

Click here to register for the by-donation class on Saturday, April 2th at 10AM EST!

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