Create Your Own Happiness This Holiday Season

Written by: Brittany Lyonette

This year with COVID restrictions in place, many people are already grieving the loss of their family get-together, traditional social gatherings, and that good old fashioned holiday cheer.  Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, or simply enjoy taking time off in December to see family and friends, I think we can all agree that the holiday season is going to feel a little bit different this year.  

Normally at this stage of the game you’d be seeing all the “How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays” articles, giving the advice to “just say no” to that extra serving of apple pie, or to “be the healthy holiday host” by offering a healthier snack option at your family dinner.  But this year, being as it is, I thought we would take a different approach...  

Here are some ways to create your own happiness this holiday season:

Have Your Family Dinner via Zoom 

The internet is supposed to bring us closer together, right?  Well, if getting together with your family in person is off the book, you can still share that special meal with your loved ones via Zoom!  All the food, most of the fun, none of the clean up, and zero holiday commuting!

Do a Christmas Lights Drive-by

People have already started decorating their homes with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations.  Make a date to go drive or walk through your neighbourhood with a hot cup of cocoa to marvel at your neighbours’ creative displays.

Decorate Your Own Home

Make your space feel festive! Get out the light, trim the tree, dust off the wreath, and light those candles.  And, no, it’s not a waste of time if you’re the only one there to enjoy it. Create an environment that will bring you joy and invite happiness into your home.

Celebrate Your Blessings

Even though times are uncertain and you may be missing loved ones, this is the best time to think about all the things that you are grateful for.  Why not write a few out and stick them on your fridge as a reminder of how truly amazing life is?

Go Outside

Get out your long johns and down filled jackets. Grab your toques and scarves.  Dust off your snowshoes and skis.  Get yourself outside and feel the warm sun and crisp winter air on your face.   

Keep Up With Your Exercise Routine

We will have our MoveForward On-Demand video platform up and running for you before the holidays!  So even though there won’t be any live classes over Christmas you can continue to follow along with your favourite workouts and yoga classes - anytime, anywhere!

From our family to yours - Happy Holidays!

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