My MoveForward Fitness Journey

Written by: Danielle Kerr

I started training with Tom back in Oct 2018 when my sister gifted me some Personal Training sessions.  At the same time, I was going through a very difficult period in my life: my relationship was rocky, I had just sold my house, I was studying part-time, teaching yoga during the week, and on top of all that I had my full-time career.  I was beyond stressed, wasn’t eating well, wasn’t exercising, and just simply wasn’t taking care of myself. 

That first month was hard.  Most days I only showed up to the gym because I knew I had a session booked with Tom and he would be waiting for me.  After a while though, I started to see some major changes.  I felt stronger, healthier and I was beginning to see improvements in my mental health.  I was taking back control of my life!  After a few months I even started going to the gym on my own!  The decision to continue with Tom after our original sessions ended was an easy one.  

Less than a year in and I was on top of the world! I was feeling strong in both my body and my mind. However, there were still a few pieces of the puzzle that I needed to change.   It was time to leave my stressful job to pursue my passion for Ayurveda, and Yoga... and I did exactly that!  

It didn’t really hit me what I had done until the day after I left my 13 year career job for the last time. I seriously started to question my decisions.  Had I just made a huge mistake?  Sure my mental health was improving, and sure I was following my dreams, but I couldn’t help feeling really uncertain about what lay ahead.  I was spiraling.  However, because Tom and I had worked together to develop a strong foundation in the months leading up to the big change, I was able to stay on track and stay the course!

Fast forward to 2020: I’ve completed my Ayurvedic Medicine Internship at the California College of Ayurveda and have launched my own Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle coaching business, Totally In Balance. I’ve joined the MoveForward Fitness team as an instructor and have two yoga classes on the schedule every week.  I even bought an RV and am currently travelling across Canada, taking myself and my business on the road!  And, after all these years the tables turned and now I am coaching Tom! 

I never would have guessed that my life could change so much in two years. Not only have I achieved my fitness goals, but I’m continuing to move forward towards my life goals. All because my sister gave me a free month of personal training. Thank you Jacqueline, and thank you Tom! 

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