Stretch & Breathe: Family Halloween Edition!

By: Danielle Kerr

Hi, Zombie Wonder Woman here—also known as Danielle, the yoga teacher on Sunday mornings for MoveForward Fitness! I take a different approach to yoga classes by putting on a 2-song dance party in the middle of class. It gets the heart pumping and fills the screen with so many smiles—we always have a lot of fun!


The Stretch & Breathe: Family Halloween Edition was a big hit, with 25 people joining in and having 14 Zoom connections from around the world. Many costumes graced the screen, from the Deadpool family to a Cat & Mouse duo. It was great to see the whole community get together to make memories for a lifetime! Even people from my family joined in; I was so happy to see my mom, Andrea, and was surprised by my brother, Andrew, and my niece, Rheyden, logging in to join this spooky class!

The first 20 minutes was dedicated to the kids, and they had a blast as we walked through the streets meeting different characters during our Trick-or-Treat Adventure. We saw Monsters, Pumpkins, Ghosts and Ghouls, as well as lots of animals like the Wolf Howling at the Full Moon, and the Owl Swooping through the Night. We even met a Witch who turned our parents into Frogs! “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” pumped on our speakers for the dance party after our big adventure, because really, who can have Halloween without those two songs?!


Once the dance party tamed down, we did some Zombie Squats and Hallow(een) Holds in the form of TABATA; there were 8 x 20-second rounds with 10-second rests in between each exercise. All of us definitely earned the relaxed, on-the-floor type of yoga poses that came next. The final Vampire in his Coffin Pose—also known as Savasana or Corpse Pose—allowed us to surrender deeply, and as always, we finished the class with a great conversation! 

Check out the Spotify Playlist that we listened to:

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  • Lois

    It was a great session, Danielle! Thanks for putting so much time and thought into preparing a fun time. Love the dance party each week!

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