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Common Causes of Injury

Written by: Caitlin Gaudreau It’s a fair bet that at some point in your life you have dealt with pain. I sat down with Coach Tom and discussed the common causes of injury in our bodies. Read on to learn what I discovered! Most often, pain is related to either overuse or underuse. Overuse can happen while playing sports, where you are operating at your max capacity and putting that load on your joints, like ankles, knees, and hips. It can also include old injuries, where you have either never let them fully recover, or have developed compensation movements that put stress on the body. Underuse happens when everyday life cramps the style of our bodies’ natural design. For instance,...

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Written by: Dave Trough The main reason why people will purchase personal training sessions is to have accountability. This was one of the first and best lessons I’ve learned in over a decade of training experience. As much as we have needs and goals to achieve, it can be hard to facilitate those goals into action. Here enters personal training.   Your personal trainer will hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. It can be hard to get yourself out of bed, pack up the gym bag, drive to the gym, workout for an hour, shower, drive to work. Now to do this on a daily basis 3-5 days per week, forever.... Motivation is definitely needed, but having an...

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How to Manage Your Weight Without Counting Every Single Calorie

 Written by: Tom Lyonette Counting calories can be effective for some, and not for others. And that’s okay! It’s difficult to capture everything, and it can create feelings of anxiety and guilt. Yes, losing weight requires burning more energy than is consumed. But it’s not always necessary to weigh and calculate everything you eat!    Observing Your Calorie Intake  Start by tracking your eating habits. Write down your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. And don’t forget your beverages! After a couple of weeks, look back at your tracking and see where you’re consuming extra calories.  Did you upgrade to the large fries with your takeout? Skipped your healthy packed lunch to eat out instead? Grabbed another soda instead of some water?...

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