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Do Home Workouts Really Work?

By: Caitlin Gaudreau We’ve all heard the skepticism about home workouts, so I sat down with Coach Tom to hear his honest thoughts on the often criticized “home workout”. So, are home workouts effective? The answer is, YES! Depending on your goal, home workouts are just as effective as hitting the gym or a group class. If your goal is to run a marathon, only working at home on your mat may not be the most effective approach. However, if your goal is to stay healthy, manage day-to-day pain, gain muscle or lose weight? A home workout can do that for you.  What about equipment, you may ask? Ideally, some weights would be grand, but other household items can be...

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How to Manage Your Weight Without Counting Every Single Calorie

 Written by: Tom Lyonette Counting calories can be effective for some, and not for others. And that’s okay! It’s difficult to capture everything, and it can create feelings of anxiety and guilt. Yes, losing weight requires burning more energy than is consumed. But it’s not always necessary to weigh and calculate everything you eat!    Observing Your Calorie Intake  Start by tracking your eating habits. Write down your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. And don’t forget your beverages! After a couple of weeks, look back at your tracking and see where you’re consuming extra calories.  Did you upgrade to the large fries with your takeout? Skipped your healthy packed lunch to eat out instead? Grabbed another soda instead of some water?...

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