A Taste of Italy in Winter: Trainer Dave's Rosé Spaghetti Squash!


Written by: Celina Sell
Recipe provided by: Dave Trought

When those cold winter days roll around, everyone has a different way to see them through: some cozy up on the couch with a warm blanket, a delicious cup of hot chocolate, and a good book in hand (or engaged with a Netflix show); others embrace the chilly outdoors with winter activities like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and nature walks along snowy trails. What both camps of winter coping have in common, however, is a desire to round out the day with a hearty comfort meal that warms us up from the inside. 

Whether you choose to join Jack Frost in the snow or finish that book/episode on the next forecasted cold day, our very own Trainer Dave has you covered with a recipe that will warm your body and soul without feeling heavy from a big carb intake. Having a slightly sweet and mild taste, the spaghetti squash serves as a great compromise for traditional Italian pasta in this gluten-free recipe because it resembles spaghetti when shredded, and it's jampacked with antioxidant vitamins and body strengthening minerals that will definitely help maintain your healthy lifestyle during the winter!


Trainer Dave's Rosé Spaghetti Squash




  • 1 medium-large spaghetti squash, cut in half
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 medium Spanish onion, chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1-2 lbs of ground beef
  • 1 jar of tomato sauce (your choice)
  • 1 cup of Parmesan cheese
  • ½ cup of heavy cream
  • Salt and pepper to taste



  1. Preheat the oven to 450℉.
  2. Coat the inside of the squash halves with a tablespoon of olive oil and lightly season with salt and pepper. Reserve the remaining tablespoon of olive oil.
  3. Halves facing up, place the squash into the oven to cook for 45-60 minutes, or until golden.
  4. On medium-high heat, sauté the  onion, bell pepper and garlic with the remaining olive oil until the onions are translucent.
  5. Add the ground beef to the pan and cook until browned.
  6. Stir in tomato sauce and coat the beef mixture evenly.
  7. Add the Parmesan cheese and the heavy cream to the pan.
  8. Continue cooking on low heat for 5 minutes.
  9. Take the squash out of the oven when cooked. Using a fork, pull the inside of the squash away from the shell to create ‘strands.’ Put the contents into a bowl and lightly season with olive oil, salt and pepper one last time. 
  10. Serve the squash mixed with the sauce, and enjoy!

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