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Three-Day Autumn Cleanse

Written by: Danielle Kerr As we transition into autumn, the crisp days and cool evenings will encourage a cascade of brightly coloured leaves to fall from the trees.  At this time our bodies will also undergo and shift in preparation for the new season, making it the perfect time to do a cleanse.  This three-day Ayurvedic cleanse will help your body transition smoothly into autumn by giving your digestive system a break, soothing your intestines, and helping to shed toxins from your system.  It is important to note that even though this cleanse is extremely gentle and shouldn't cause too much discomfort, you may still experience highs and lows, both physically and emotionally.  This cleanse should not be undertaken if...

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3 Reasons Why Going Outside is Important

Written by: Thoman Lyonette It's no secret: soaking up nature in all kinds of weather is an essential part of being happy and healthy.  Despite knowing the benefits, for many people spending time outdoors every day just is not high on their priority list.   Here are three reasons why you should make going outside every day a daily habit: 1. Relieve Stress We can all think of a time in our life where we felt the effects of stress.  Not only does stress feel horrible on a visceral level, but it is also associated with conditions such as depression, obesity, and high blood pressure.  It can wreak havoc on your health AND your healthy mindset. Studies have shown that being outside for as...

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